Global lawmakers grill Facebook exec in United Kingdom parliament

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When Kramer failed to produce these documents within the prescribed two-hour deadline, he was escorted to Parliament warned that he could face possible fines or imprisonment.

"We are in uncharted territory", Collins, told the Observer.

The app maker, Six4Three, had acquired the files as part of a U.S. lawsuit against the social media giant. According to court documents, the company accuses Zuckerberg of attempting to "deliberately" mislead tens of thousands of software companies into "developing applications that generated substantial user growth and revenues for Facebook". This is an unprecedented move but it's an unprecedented situation.

Facebook has been pushing back a lot recently especially since the Cambridge Analytica scandal that raised serious privacy concerns around the world.

Apparently, the company Six4Three is involved in a legal case against Facebook in the USA, where the documents were obtained through legal procedures. "In ignoring the inquiries of seven national parliaments, Mark Zuckerberg brought this escalation upon himself, as there was no other way to get this critical information", wrote Christopher Wylie, a whistleblower who was previously the director of research at Cambridge Analytica.

Lawmakers from nine countries grilled a Facebook executive on Tuesday as part of an worldwide hearing at Britain's parliament on disinformation and "fake news".

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Six4Three has asked the Britons to "refrain from reviewing them and to return them to counsel or to Facebook", per the report.

The seizure follows Zuckerberg's refusal to answer the Parliament's summons, and The Guardian believes that the documents will clarify the decisions made by Facebook's leadership in the events leading up to the scandal.

Committee Chairman Damian Collins tweeted on Sunday that it has "received the documents it ordered from Six4Three relating to Facebook".

Allan pleaded with Collins not to raise the material at the hearing, which MPs are entitled to do under Parliamentary privilege, "until we have further guidance from the court".

Facebook nevertheless responded to the actions, stating that the documents are subject to a protective order in the US.

What next? The committee will instead grill Facebook's public policy VP Richard Allan tomorrow, November 27, during a hearing focused on misinformation and data privacy.