France Yellow Vest protest: President Macron vows HUGE €100 pay rise

France Yellow Vest protest: President Macron vows HUGE €100 pay rise | Daily Star

During his address on Monday, Macron said authorities would not stand for violence and that "no anger justifies" attacking police or looting stores, adding that he would use "all means" to restore order.

"We will respond to the economic and social urgency with strong measures, by cutting taxes more rapidly, by keeping our spending under control, but not with U-turns".

Police fired tear gas and arrested hundreds of people in Paris on Saturday as the French capital went on lockdown for the latest "yellow vest" protests against President Emmanuel Macron.

It's possible that the small print of the policy proposals make them considerably less appealing than they might sound-for example, the minimum wage was already expected to rise in future legislation-and any such deception would only deepen disillusionment with Macron.

In the government official stressed that the final decision on the mechanisms for the implementation of the ideas the President has not yet accepted and now undergoing the process of "fine-tuning of economic mechanisms". "I might have said words that wounded".

Mr Macron, who until kept a low profile during the protests, admitted that many people were unhappy with living conditions and felt they "had not been listened to".

French President, Emmanuel Macron, yesterday announced that the minimum wage in the country would be increased by an additional €100 starting early 2019.

The "yellow vest" protests that have made headlines around the world are garnering France some unwanted attention, particularly from foreign leaders not exactly known for their defence of liberal democracy.

The government was forced to suspend a fuel tax last week, addressing the original reason for the demonstrations.

On November 27 Macron offers minor concessions, saying he will propose a mechanism to adjust the fuel tax increases in case of rising oil costs, and calls for a three-month national consultation.

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The crucial impact of Yellow Vest protests was admitted in a survey published by the Bank of France on Monday.

Far-Right leader Marine Le Pen said Mr Macron had "given up on some his tax errors, so much the better", but said he "refused to admit that it is the model he champions that is contested".

Emmanuel Macron has broken his silence on the protests shaking France and his presidency, promising broad tax relief for struggling workers and pensioners and acknowledging his own responsibility in fuelling the nation's anger.

France is also looking into claims that Russian-linked social media accounts are trying to stir up trouble by spreading misinformation created to amplify the protests.

Security forces launched a massive operation in a bid to minimise the unrest, detaining more than 1,000 people and mobilising armoured cars in Paris for the first time.

Macron's speech from the Elysee Palace was presented as a decisive moment for the president.

"We must expect a new slowdown of economic growth at year-end", he said.

Following the weekend's "yellow vest" action, finance minister Bruno Le Maire said the French the riots were a "catastrophe for the economy" and "a crisis" for democracy in the country.

French media reported that 136,000 protesters took to the streets nationwide Saturday. "If I fought to shake up the political system, habits and hypocrisy it is precisely because I believe more than anything in our country and I love it".