Girl still believes after Santa challenge from Trump

Jolly good Santa has his work cut out

Every Christmas Eve the North American Aerospace Defense Command track Father Christmas as he leaves the North pole to deliver presents around the world. Throughout Dec 24th, there will be television interviews from "NORAD tracks Santa" operations. We will cut immediately on air and let you know when Santa is approaching the River City to let you know to head to bed.

While waiting for Santa, users can play a number of different games in Santa's village or watch fun videos. Live streams do have a tendency to sometimes go down, so we'll add more live streams if needed as the day progresses.

Want to find out where Santa Claus is right now? NORAD is what your local news station uses, so if you're tuning into the radio or watching TV, you'll get its latest updates. According to NORAD, "Intelligence reports indicate that Santa does not experience time the way we do".

The mass was underway around 10pm, after the president may have ruined Christmas for one seven-year-old boy calling into the NORAD Santa Tracker.

Those who follow along with the Santa Tracker also have the opportunity to learn about areas around the world he visits.

Once we see the general area Santa is traveling through, we check in with NORAD to see if they have captured any images of Santa and the reindeer moving through these areas on their military cameras and sensors. Here are some details for your Christmas Eve.

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Instead, the number rang through to the Continental Air Defence Command - later renamed NORAD. He and his staff spent the night answering calls and telling hundreds of kids where Santa was flying over during the night - starting a tradition.

A tradition was born that rolled over to NORAD when it was formed in 1958.

Lieutenant Colonel Ricks said Santa is tracked by infrared signals emitted by Rudolph's red nose.

Google also offers its own Santa-tracking website, complete with a variety of games and an advent calendar.

It's a tough task, but NORAD says they are the "only organization that has the technology, the qualifications and the people to do it".