NYPD Finds 'Wanted' Man: Clumsy Proposer Who Lost Engagement Ring

The couple looking for the ring

What the video actually shows: the woman, surprised and aghast, and the man, kneeling to peer down into the grate to see how far the ring had fallen.

"We still haven't found our "almost engaged" couple WANTED for dropping their ring in Times Square". " ... Officers rescued it & would like to return it to the happy couple".

With the help of dozens of passers-by they managed to get the grate off and search underneath for at least two hours.

In the end, there was an appeal by the Commissioner of the New York City Police Department himself: "If anyone can find this (un) lucky couple, it's New Yorkers and the millions who visit Times Square". But by then the couple was nowhere to be found.

Pictures of the ring and the couple have been released by the police force, which has turned to the public for help.

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Now, this whole Central Park versus Times Square confusion seems to be lingering but again, it's a fairy tale so we're just going to go with it.

This proposal was more modest. While his partner watches, the man drops to his stomach on the sidewalk but the ring is 3000 per cent out of his reach.

Police eventually identified the couple, who had already returned to the U.K. The NYPD said it is working on getting it back to the couple and thanked Twitter users for helping to identify them.

Speaking to BBC News on Sunday evening, he said he had carried the ring around in his pocket for two days before finding the right moment.

Both John and Daniella took to Twitter to express their delight and thank the NYPD officers involved.