Venezuela's self-proclaimed president Guiado speaks with Trump

U.S. Warns Americans Not To Travel To Venezuela

But Maduro is holding firm in refusing to step down.

In addition, he counts on the support of the military. "I think we're trying to get to the same end result here".

US President Donald Trump has spoken in support of Juan Guaido.

"We're in conversation with major American companies now", he said.

"If the government of the United States intends to intervene us, they will have a much worse Vietnam than you could imagine." .

Two journalists with television experience said the the video appeared to use "green screen" or some other effect to make Maduro appear to be in the courtyard of the Miraflores Presidential Palace. He also accused Trump of ordering a hit on him from Colombia but offered no proof.

In the interview with RIA Novosti, Maduro also said he would support early parliamentary elections.

Venezuela's chief prosecutor on Tuesday asked the country's top court to ban opposition leader Juan Guaido from leaving the country, launching a criminal probe into his anti-government activities while worldwide pressure builds against President Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuelan Attorney General Tarek Saab sought a preliminary investigation of Guaido on the basis that he helped foreign interference in Venezuela.

In Spain, state-owned shipbuilder Navantia said it has called back four Spanish technicians from Venezuela who were readying for final delivery a navy patrol ship sold 14 years ago to the Venezuelan government.

The two countries have not recognized Juan Guaido, head of the National Assembly legislature who has declared himself acting president in place of leader Nicolas Maduro.

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"I'm going out now more than ever", said Sobeia Gonzalez, 63.

The United States has emerged as Guaido's most powerful ally, announcing on Tuesday that it was giving him control of Venezuela's USA bank accounts.

The US is also handing over control of some of Venezuela's bank accounts in the US to the opposition leader.

In a bid to ramp up pressure on Maduro, the USA introduced sanctions against Venezuela's state-owned oil giant PDVSA, and passed control over certain frozen assets held by US-insured banks to Guaido. On Monday, the U.S. imposed sweeping sanctions on the state-owned oil firm, PDVSA.

There are widespread medical shortages and food shortages in Venezuela and millions of people are dying or fleeing the country.

Maduro has been in charge since 2013 but his re-election in May was branded illegitimate by the European Union, United States and Organisation of American States.

The measures triggered higher global oil prices, angry responses from China and Russian Federation and the first serious moves against Mr Guaido since he challenged Mr Maduro's claim on the presidency last week. "He is not the democratically elected president of Venezuela".

President Donald Trump's administration will be hopeful that by targeting the PDVSA, Maduro can be starved of much-needed funds that have so far kept the country's powerful military loyal to the regime.

Speaking in Spanish, Maduro asked USA citizens to oppose Trump's plans "so that there is not a new Vietnam in our America, I request peace and respect for Venezuela". It stands for the number of days that have passed since a group of pensioners was gassed by Venezuelan police during a protest in 2017.

Over the past week, 35 people have died in protests - most shot by security forces as they took part in late-night pot-banging demonstrations in slums, according to the Venezuelan Observatory of Social Conflict.

Sorbay Pailla said she last heard from her husband, retired National Guard Col. Oswaldo Garcia Palomo, on Sunday after he entered the country clandestinely from Colombia. As does Cuba, its political and military patron.