Xiaomi may be building a three-panel foldable phone

Xiaomi may also have a foldable phone in the works

Is this Xiaomi's first foldable phone? The famous leakster Evan Blass has posted a 20-second video of a foldable device but he isn't sure about the authenticity of the video as of now. Thus folded both side edges of the tablet and remains in use its Central part.

The other outcome of a device like this is the additional thickness, something we don't get to see given the video is shot in the dark. One of the things holding back the in-display scanners is that they can only work on devices with amoled screens (which are more expensive than LCD). What's even more intriguing though is the fact that the tri-fold design, other than looking awesome, would definitely offer a ton of flexibility if this turns out to be true. The overall language used in the device also points to its Chinese origins. The firstly unknown handset was later named as Galaxy F. Now, one of the top rivals of the company is also possibly coming up with the concept of another foldable sensation.

However, there is no confirmation from Xiaomi regarding on making a foldable device. The Xiaomi foldable phone on the leaked video looks sleek which has slim bezels.

Given the icons on show it's believed that this is indeed a Xiaomi device, running a build of Android 9. In July, ET News claimed Xiaomi was working on an "outfolding" phone which would be released in 2019. Recently there have also been leaks about Xiaomi's about-to-launch Poco F2.

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Foldable phones from Samsung and Huawei have already made headlines, and it appears that Xiaomi could be the next gadget maker to get in on the trend.

A year ago there were also reports of Google and Xiaomi working on a mystery device.

Nevertheless, it is too early to say anything. The clip, a bit janky and dimly lit, shows no more details beyond the display. For example, it doesn't show where the camera is or if the device can be folded backward.