McConnell promises vote on Democrats' Green New Deal

Green New Deal Set for Senate Vote in GOP Swipe at Ocasio-CortezMore

The Senate will vote on the Green New Deal, a moonshot plan by Democrats to combat climate change, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday, announcing a move created to force Senate Democrats - including a cast of presidential candidates - into a political bind.

At least six senators running for president or considering White House bids backed the Green New Deal put forth by freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Sen.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has previously said that he wouldn't bring legislation to a vote in the Senate that the president wouldn't sign.

Cheney asked the expert panel, comprised of four Democrat and two Republican witnesses, to state how they each arrived in Washington D.C., for the hearing.

After a moment of silence, one of the environmental experts on the panel chimed in to say she supports numerous recommendations outlined in the Green New Deal.

"I've noted with great interest the Green New Deal", McConnell told reporters at the Capitol.

As it turns out, Democrats aren't too eager to vote on it. Sen.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi previously told Politico the Green New Deal was a "suggestion", saying it will "be one of severalm or maybe many suggestions that we receive".

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But McConnell's move to bring the plan to a vote on the Senate floor will be a key test for Democratic presidential candidates such as Sens.

Problems in the Democratic rollout of the proposal have further fueled the Republican attacks.

The Green New Deal also promises to prioritize fighting climate change, pollution and other threats to the environment that risk undermining the sustainability of life on this planet.

Even without McConnell's efforts, the Green New Deal has become the latest flashpoint in the Democratic party's internal conflict between its centrists and its unapologetic left wing.

The Senate Majority Leader won't be unprepared for such a contest, however. "The Green New Deal resolution has struck a powerful chord in this country, and Republicans, climate deniers, and the fossil fuel industry are going to end up on the wrong side of history", he said.

"I really don't like their policy of taking away your vehicle, of taking away your airplane rights", President Donald Trump said at a rally in El Paso, Texas, on Monday, referring to the memo. Ocasio-Cortez has since disavowed the FAQ, which was posted on her website, and suggested her political enemies disseminated the document to sabotage the proposal.

Although Markey and Ocasio-Cortez's office subsequently distanced themselves from the memo, Republicans quickly denounced the resolution as a Trojan horse for more controversial, left-wing proposals that are unlikely to garner the same widespread support those outlined in the resolution might.

"There's another victim of the Green New Deal, it's ice cream". John Barrasso, R-Wyo., said at Tuesday's GOP news conference.