Trump backs down over border wall

Pelosi Calls for ‘Bipartisan Consensus’ on Border Security — Then Vows There Won’t Be ‘Any Wall Money’

A joint negotiating committee on Capitol Hill is trying to work out a spending deal to keep the government open past February 15, which is when the three-week continuing resolution that ended the shutdown is set to expire.

Regarding ongoing negotiations in Congress to avoid another costly government shutdown, with a deadline in two weeks, Trump said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi "should be ashamed" for refusing to give the Republicans the funding for the wall he has demanded.

According to new Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings made public on Thursday night, the latest fundraising disclosures bring the total haul for Trump's re-election effort to more than $129 million, a record amount for a sitting American President at this point in the election cycle, reports The Washington Post.

"We're not getting anywhere with them", Trump said during an event at the White House, citing what he called "tremendous obstruction by Democrats", who call their differences with the president a basic disagreement over immigration policy.

By declaring a national emergency on the border, Trump would in theory be able to tap unrelated funding to use wall construction.

Trump did not definitely state whether he would declare a national emergency, which would enable him to fund a border wall without congressional approval but would certainly face legal challenges. Polls suggest that such a move would be "wildly unpopular", and might even encourage congressional Republicans to come to a deal without him. "She knows that we need border security". "So they come into areas where you don't have the barriers", Trump said.

"I think that she was very rigid - which I would expect - but I think she's very bad for our country".

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Congress launched a super committee on border security this week, the latest stage of a long debate over one of Trump's biggest 2016 campaign promises, a concrete border wall he once said Mexico would pay for.

On CBS, Trump accused his political rival of being "very bad for our country".

"We're going to have a strong border".

Pelosi, by her stand against the wall, is costing the country hundreds of billions of dollars, Trump said. "That accounts for about 6 percent of our traffic", Border Patrol chief Raul Ortiz told journalists during President Trump's January 10 visit to Rio Grande Valley, Texas. You need a wall.

That would take place under provisions of the National Emergencies Act, which provides that a presidential declaration can be terminated if lawmakers pass a joint resolution to do so.

In another, he added: Let's just call them WALLS from now on and stop playing political games! Richard Shelby, R-Ala. Asked how they differ, Shelby replied, "You have to ask them but I think it's pretty obvious".