Google is launching its own game studio to create Stadia-exclusive games

Google is launching its own game studio to create Stadia-exclusive games

Another mystery about Stadia is how much it plans to charge for its games.

Take game development further than you thought possible. Phil Harrison explained that watching and playing games will converge, connecting developers, players, and YouTubers.

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Google will also offer dedicated hardware, the Stadia controller, as an input mechanism.

A video previewing the platform highlighted social gaming, with the name representing how the places we watch games have brought us together over the years. Stadia is basically an evolution of Project Stream that Google launched previous year. We had tested it ourselves and were impressed. Personally, I think it will work just fine for a lot of the games I play, but I'm probably not using it for Doom Eternal. It represents an attempt to make gaming less onerous - playable without installation or downloads - and more powerful - high frame rates and high resolution for multiplayer titles - from a hosted service that can limit cheating and hacking while promoting engagement. Laptops, desktops, phones, and even TV's with a Chromecast Ultra attached are all supported.

Existing accessories - USB controllers or mouse and keyboard - will work with Stadia, but the Stadia controller is also being rolled out. Stadia will also have its own controller.

Today, at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Google revealed Stadia.

Google is also forming Stadia Games and Entertainment, Google's own first-party game studio. Google has not revealed the exact speed that you will need, but in comparison streaming in 1080p requires around 25mbps.

Google is launching its own game studio to create Stadia-exclusive games
Google is launching its own game studio to create Stadia-exclusive games

Google's hardware business is a top priority for Chief Executive Sundar Pichai, who opened Tuesday's keynote. Google's next big effort is to build a game platform for everyone.

Stadia, which will be integrated with YouTube, is expected to launch toward the end of the year.

4K HDR at 60 FPS are dependent on your bandwidth. - Google's preshow let our imaginations run wild with what Stadia might ultimately support. Google will clarify launch games, pricing and more this summer.

As for the games? No Stadia price was announced either.

Possibly most importantly, Stadia will embrace full cross-platform play.

What games will Stadia play? Cuthbert said his team is making a game that is based all around this concept, but couldn't unveil it yet.

The fourth video shows "State Share", which records the world state, the player's position, and their inventory in a simple URL that can be shared with everyone.

This, YouTube Gaming's Ryan Wyatt said, would allow YouTubers to curate a group gaming experience. Key to delivering a seamless experience like the one promised by Stadia is minimizing lag and Google aims to do this by running the necessary services in close proximity to end-users.

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