Fortnite Dev Update Reveals Reboot (Respawn) Van Release Date

Cheaters and hackers complain about having their accounts banned

A new developer diary from Epic has revealed that the Reboot Van will be landing in Fortnite this week, letting you bring back squadmates if you lose them in the heat of battle, similar to the respawn points in Apex Legends. Essentially if you're playing squads and one of your teammates gets eliminated early, they will leave a reboot card.

When the reboot van is activated, it will notify other players in the area, so trying to revive your teammates comes with the risk that enemies will find you. After doing so, any teammate can go to a Reboot Van and activate it to make allies respawn on top of the van, one by one.

Epic Games have announced the latest addition to Fortnite, the "Reboot Van". However, instead of reverting those changes, Epic adds in the coveted Reboot Van. Additionally, any rebooted squadmates will be unarmed so if you've revived them you'll need to drop some of your weapons to get them back in the action. The player will drop down with nothing but a pickaxe and the Reboot Van used will need to recharge. This will then respawn the eliminated players back into the game at the Reboot Van with the dev video showing off footage of how this will occur.

"How many times do we play Apex and the game is over with?" But if the player is completely eliminated, then the team member has to watch and has no chance to actively participate in the game.

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Respawn has banged the swift hammer of justice once again, hardware ID-banning (HWID) a number of Apex Legends players on PC, including one prolific cheater who was banned again and again as he attempted to bypass the bans live on Twitch.

Fortnite patch v8.30 is due out next week.

According to Epic Games, "players will edit incorrect structure if backed up against a friendly built structure".

Epic will nearly certainly get some criticism for ripping another feature from a rival game.