Supporters march on embassy to fight for 'persecuted hero' Julian Assange

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been cooped up in the embassy in the British capital for seven years after claiming asylum.

Last week Assange engaged in a shouting match with Ecuador's ambassador inside the embassy.

"Mr Assange has violated the agreement we reached with him and his legal counsel too many times", Moreno said.

Mr O'Reilly, who has set up a makeshift shelter in a street beside the embassy, said he believes reports that Mr Assange will be expelled, adding that Ecuador "wants to deliver the head of Julian Assange".

This comes days after Wikileaks announced that Ecuador's President Lenin Moreno is being investigated for corruption charges after the leaks of the papers.

He added: "Assange can not lie or, much less, hack into private accounts or private phones".

Assange reveals his fears that if he is extradited to Sweden, from there he will be extradited once again to the United States to face charges over WikiLeaks's publication of secret USA government files. He is questioned by police in Stockholm and denies the allegations. Assange has been a refugee inside the embassy since 2012, fearing that if he were to be arrested the UK would extradite him to the United States to stand trail for publishing classified information.

While the only live criminal proceeding involving Mr Assange is his relatively minor failure to appear in court to face the Swedish extradition hearing, Pulitzer-prize winning reporter and founder of The Intercept website Glenn Greenwald said Mr Assange would still be arrested as soon as he left the embassy building.

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A senior Ecuadorian official insists that the government has not made a decision on Assange yet, and Associated Press picked up on a statement from their foreign ministry saying they won't comment on "rumors, theories or conjectures".

Sweden dropped the case in 2017 but Mr Assange remains in the embassy following accusations of espionage.

Ecuador's leader is understood to be claiming that Assange has "repeatedly violated" some conditions of his asylum.

The Ecuadoran authorities previous year, for the second time, cut off Assange's access to the internet because of concerns that he was damaging the country's ties to Britain and other European nations, purportedly by criticising Spain's handling of its separatist movement.

Court documents that were mistakenly filed in the USA previous year appeared to confirm that Mr Assange has been charged in secret.

But a judge rejected his request to loosen the new living requirements, and among other stipulations, Assange was warned that if he did not properly feed and take care of his cat, the animal could be sent to the pound.

He pressed his case in local and global tribunals on human-rights ground, but both ruled against him.