Varadkar and Macron to discuss Brexit in Paris talks

Irish PM: EU Must Be Open To New Brexit Proposals From The UK

"The European Union can not forever be hostage to the resolution of a political crisis in the United Kingdom", he said.

Macron said the EU's priority was protecting its workings and the single market: "We have a future to build together in the European Union and a future relationship to build with the United Kingdom, which will be an ally, but we can't spend the next months still trying to fix the rules of our divorce and looking to the past".

He was speaking at a news conference after talks with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris.

The Mayo Fianna Fáil TD said he still hoped no-deal can be avoided - but he said the Government should be more open with the public about the risks and implications.

She added: "Someday they will be asked to decide that, and those of us, and I am one of them, who believe that the truest and best potential of this entire island and all its people will only be realized when Northern Ireland and Ireland merge, and emerge as a modern, European democracy, inclusive of all, respectful of all", she said.

"That is something that we do not have an agreed plan on but we are working this week and presumably next week on, if we need to, in the context of a no-deal Brexit", Coveney said, referring to meetings with the EU Commission he said had begun last week.

They both said the integrity of the single market would need to be protected, but that the European Union would uphold commitments made to ensure the protection of the Good Friday Agreement.

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Mr Vardakar will host German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Dublin on Thursday.

"We are preparing for all outcomes, and have prepared intensively for a no deal".

He described it as the basis for peace between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Refusing border controls, however, could lead to the introduction of checks between Irish exports and the rest of the European Union, experts and officials have warned.

"I agree with Michel Barnier and others when they say that, when the days pass, a no-deal Brexit looks like a very real possibility", Coveney told the Dail. "And we always said also that it would involve hard conversations with the European Commission and they are happening now".

"In the unlikely event that we have a no-deal and the United Kingdom were to do trade deals with the U.S. or China and we had chlorinated chicken or hormone beef, or products made by child labour in Asian countries, the last thing we would want is that coming south of the border into the Republic of Ireland".